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    Adobe creative cloud slows down mac after start up

    soronery Level 1

      Whenever I turn my Macbook Pro on, it takes about 15 minutes to open any Adobe CC application (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator etc) and then when they do open they run extremely slowly and are very choppy for another 20 minutes, then it seems to run ok for the rest of the day. This is extremely frustrating, especially as it is also happening on three of the four iMacs I have in my office, so at the start of the day we can't do anything until nearly 9.30 - 10am which is wasting my work time and upsetting my clients.


      As I say, it seems to happen on my macbook at home and three other iMacs at my office, so it is not a hardware issue.


      I have looked up on various forums and people have advised it is a core sync issue or something to do with the file sync, but I have turned all that off and turned it off in the main system preferernces > Extensions panel as well as in the Creative Cloud Desktop preferences, but it still seems to happen. I have also logged out of Creative Cloud and logged back in again, but nothing changes. I also deleted the com.adobe.acc.plist from my 'Library > preferences' but nothing changed. I tried to uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop but it wouldn't let me, saying that other applications needed it, so short of uninstalling the entire Adobe suite from my machine I don't know what to do.


      Any suggestions?