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    Flash Compression

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      I just started using Flash 3 days ago... (still got 28 days left.. lol) Any
      way I have some compression questions:

      I have made a clip of me morphing into my son with another program, and
      exported each frame as a jpg, then I imported jpg's into flash. I know have
      made a flash movie/document that morphs back and forth by editing each of the
      24 frames used me to morph me into my son, then I could not find a play
      backwards command or action so I just copied and pasted the frames, then
      reversed the second set. I am wondering since the asset is same for two frames
      in the file, if flash added the same asset twice wile compressing the file.

      Second question: I have tried every thing I can find inside of flash to get a
      smaller file size. I started out with the defalt jpg compression set at
      something like 80, and moved it to 15 and that didn't do it. I changed the
      quality from high to low and still no change in file size what so ever.

      Thank you for your time,