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    Cataloges had shifted between hard drives in the library.


      I have all my photos on external hard drives, which I imported by Lightroom. Until resently when I pluged them they wher on location.

      Suddenly something happened and the files swiched between the hard drives in the library, and therefore are missing with question mark.

      Drive E contains the folders of drive F and F contains the folders of drive E, which is not the reality. The folders are in place, but Lightroom made a shift between them, and they are not accessible.


      It happened in the past and I managed to resolved it by restoring the computer to a time before the event.

      now I have new computer with Windows10. I transfered the cataloges successfuly but the it happened again. The new Windows inferface makes it hard to find how to restore to a frewious date in time. When I found it, it didn't give a date before the event.

      I don't know why this happen and what couses this.

      Here are screenshoots:


      2016-05-28 (1).png2016-05-28 (2).png