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    A Desky Issue

    jacobmercy Level 1

      Hi everybody,


      I'm working on a project, and was hoping to get some feedback on a problem.


      I have a character sitting at a desk -- I would like the character to be behind the desk, and his arms to be in front. Simple, right?


      My first instinct was to try to move just the arms above the desk, but Attach To doesn't work on anything that isn't in the same layer, so that's no good. But I can't just put the desk above the entire character, because then the arms wouldn't be visible.


      If I try to put the desk in between the character's torso and arms, then the face trigger kicks in and the desk moves when the character moves -- sticks and pins reduce it, but it still happens. Adding a face trigger for the desk and turning it off helped a little, but it still warps quite badly when I try to move the arms. (If Handle Fixer is doing anything, I can't really tell.)


      Similarly, when I tried chopping the character in half and moving the desk below, I have to bury it in pins and sticks to keep the edges of the bottom from warping.


      At this point, I'm stumped! Any ideas, everybody?