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    Installing Adobe Flash Player

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      I am having problems downloading the newest update of adobe flash player. I started by clicking on the 'install now' on the adobe flash player download page ( Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions  ). Then AdobeFlashPlayer_21_a_install.dmg appears in my downloads folder. Clicking on this makes the red icon of the adobe flash player installer appear, so I open this and then click on adobe flash player installer. After being asked if I'm sure I want to open it (and clicking open), and entering my password, a new window pops up saying installation will begin shortly and then barely a second after will say there is an Application Initialization error and the only link on there is Finish which takes me straight back to the Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions web page again. Here is a screenshot of the error message: Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.24.34.png

      Please can someone help me, I am so confused right now!

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          pollyp81652518 Level 1

          Also, is there a helpline for this? On the website it said forms were the only option, but a phone call would be so useful right now.

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            maria__ Adobe Employee

            The installer in the screenshot you posted is quite old.  The branding was updated about a year ago to the following:



            I'm not sure why you're getting an old installer, which is very likely the reason for the 'initialization error'.


            Please delete all previously downloaded Flash Player installer you may have saved on your system (Downloads folder and elsewhere).  Clear the browser cache, restart the browser and download the installer again. Hopefully the new installer, as shown in my screenshot, will download.