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    Android Marshmallow crash


      Hi All,


      I have updated my phone to Android Marshmallow. However since the update I can no longer use Photoshop Touch as it just crashes (don't even get to the loading screen).


      All my other apps work fine it seems to be just Photoshop Touch.  I understand that the app is no longer supported but I don't understand why it now doesn't work.


      Is anyone else running Marshmallow and if so does Photoshop Touch work?


      As stated I know Photoshop Touch is no longer supported, but I still love the app (better then the various mobile apps that Abode have brought out plus Photoshop Fix on Android seems to be taking forever).  So I'm pretty disappoint to the point that If I'd known the app  it wouldn't load I wouldn't have gone to Marshmallow.


      The other problem with it now not loading is that I have lost all my projects I have been working on


      Any help, advice would be most welcome.