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    Typekit Fonts wont sync

    codyvlv Level 1



      I am having an issue with syncing fonts from Adobe Typekit.  When I load Creative Cloud, it attempts to sync, then just stops and asks me to add fonts from Adobe Typekit (even though I have fonts selected to Sync.)  I also have sync enabled in CC preferences.


      What I have tried so far:

      1. Deleting files from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CoreSync and restarting CC
      2. Running Adobe CC as Admin
      3. Turning off sync in CC then turning it back on
      4. Uninstalling all Adobe products, then installing CC app only


      I am running Windows 10, and CC desktop app is current version.


      Here is what I see in the CoreSync log:

      20160528-135621.688: t=218c: Warning: GUDE: Request Failed. ErrorCode: 504 errorMessage: HTTP Status 5xx (Server Error). 504 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT. Initial Request Failed (No Retry Attempted) (TransferEngineImpl.cpp.jura::TransferEngineImpl::gudeLoggingHandler.617)

      20160528-135621.688: t=218c: Info: [livetype] longpoll: request timed out at gateway (504). will retry

      20160528-135621.688: t=218c: Info: [livetype] longpoll: listening immediately given retry-after 60 seconds

      20160528-135621.688: t=218c: Info: [livetype] longpoll: Sending long poll request to https://polka.typekit.com/subscribe?adobe_id=460E4629460B7FF999201549%40AdobeID&entitlemen t_state=b495466994f6d97fe07fd18be5ad54fb8cda00ec

      20160528-135621.688: t=218c: Info: [livetype]  downloadToFile (id=longpoll) => 240

      20160528-135621.689: t=208c: Info: [livetype] onAddParameters

      20160528-135621.689: t=208c: Info: [livetype] onSetTimeout

      20160528-135621.689: t=208c: Info: [livetype] longpoll: setting poll timeout to 1020

      20160528-135621.690: t=208c: Info: [livetype] onAddHeaders (id=longpoll)


      I can telnet to polka.typekit.com ( on port 443 as well.


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!