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    Can we sell an app made in Flash Pro with some Air elements embedded inside ?


      Hello everybody,




      I am a musician for who a developper has made a video and swf player in Flash Pro. I intend to sell it with a music album (and included into the sold package). The app needs Air elements to run - which means either the users have to install Air first on the machine then the player, or the Air elements it needs are embedded into it (the player folder) during the export in Flash Pro and it can run simply by clicking on a .exe file.




      My question is : can I sell the version of the player with Air elements embedded inside or are there some license conditions to which I have to fit ? I've seen there is a license which needs to be asked with Adobe if we want to include the Air installer into a package to sell, but here it's not an installer that I want to include, just elements (webkit and stuffs) exported by Flash Pro itself.




      I think some of you having had to develop apps for mobile like games in Flash or so may have the answer. Someone from Adobe maybe ?