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    Bundles with Flash


      Windows 7  - Pro 64 Bit
      Processor: i7 / 4.0 GHZ X 2
      RAM: 16GB DDR4
      Boot and OS Storage RAIDII SSD Samsung 1TB 850.
      Main Storage 4 X Hybrid Seagate 2TB inboard, and 4 of the same outboard. All drives 6 GB/sec.
      Dual Backup Drives and Backup Server.
      Graphics Asus 4GB 3D 128BIT. with Dual HP Z241 Monitors
      14 USB3, 10 USB2 Ports. Using Async USB Distribution.
      4 Ethernet 2GB Channels to CESCO Network.
      Internet 128 Bit encryption at 42 mb/sec.
      Cooling 6 fans thermo controlled, with Peltier cooling for CPU and Drives.


      I installed Flash in to my computer (super micro system) I just  finished building.  I had conflicts and problems from the bundled software. The McAfee Scan that came with it was able to be un-installed using Add Remove Programs.  The Intel Security software was nowhere to be found. I had to use System Restore to bring back the computer to before Flash was installed. 


      Now, how do I get just the Flash software without the bundles so I can use Flash in this computer???




      Jerry Greenberg