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    Margin Adjustment

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      I'm a newbie to InDesign.  We were using a template for a book.  We resized the book to a smaller size and moved the page number location from the top to the bottom.  We then noticed that our margins no longer seemed right.  We attempted to adjust the textbook on the Master for the page but it only worked on some of that pages and not all of the pages.  We tried to reapply the master to the individual pages.  When we would reapply the master then the page numbers would change as expected but the text boxes to reflect the new margins did not change.


      What did we miss?  We've spent a few hours trying to figure this seemingly simple feature.  We are using Id CC.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          You need to enable Layout Adjustment when changing the margins so that the frames that are snapped to the existing margins will adapt to the new layout.
          InDesign CCss_002.png\

          For more details, see About Automatic Layout Adjustment, here Lay out frames and pages in InDesign .

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            oxprather Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion.  The link for lay frames and pages in InDesign gave directions to a place that did not exist in Id CC.  Fortunately with your image I found the Enable Layout Adjustment under Margins and Columns.  When I made the change then the pages that previously would adjust adjusted.  However I had exact same number of pages that still did not change the text box.  When I view it in Normal mode.  I have two boxes.  One box with the layout that I want, the other with text flowing wide of the box that I want.  If I manual move it on a page then it turns the line to green.  I also tried changing to another master on those pages and then going back and I still got the exact same behavior.


            Apparently these pages have another setting that I still must change

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              I would approach those remaining pages manually, using the Selection tool.


              Green lines are smart guides that help you to visually align multiple objects without needing the Align panel, or pulling out ruler guides.


              As a heads up, InDesign has moved the handling of layout adjustments to the more complicated Liquid Layouts: see Liquid and alternate layouts in InDesign. It's worth looking into, but it certainly sounded like Enable Layout Adjustment in Margins & Columns was the simple answer to your specific issue.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Layout adjustment must be enabled BEFORE you make any changes to the doc.