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    Lightroom 6:  Display Randomly Flashes and Pixelation


      I recently set up a new computer, HP z240 with Windows 7pro, Nvidia Quadro 1200 graphics card & Samsung CF390 Series 24 inch curved monitor, for Lightroom, updated the OS, drivers and related program content before installing Lightroom.  In particular, I liked that the computer had no bloatware, so program conflict shouldn't be an issue.  Only during use with Lightroom up and active(partial or full window display) will I get random, momentary display blanking.  When the display is up and only with LR running do I also get pixelation across the LR workspace (see image).  I have tried reinstalling LR and adjusting settings on the monitor, the video card and the computer, but nothing seems to work.  I welcome any suggestions to what might be the source of this problem, as I was really looking forward to moving up from a 13" laptop for LR use.