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    Titles appear on timeline, not in playback


      I'm using Premiere Elements 13 on a Windows 10 machine running a 4.00 GHz processor with 16 GB RAM.

      I'm trying to add superimposed titles to a clip. The title on Video Track 2 is supposed to remain on the screen when the title on Video Track 3 appears, and both stay until the end of the clip. There is also an intro title at the start of the clip on Video Track 1 that fades when the video clip starts.

      The titles on Video Tracks 2 & 3 do not appear in playback, both before and after rendering. When I try to edit these to make them work, I get sizeable windows on the playback display that have a target crosshair in the middle of them. I assume I am supposed to use this to move the frames around, but what I really want is to get rid of these and get back to the main playback display. Clicking on these and pressing "delete" deletes the clip or title associated with them.

      The User Manual says that titles placed on higher video tracks are supposed to be superimposed on the video clip. This isn't happening.

      Below is a screen capture that shows the display with the resizeable/crosshair frame, and the timeline with the video and title clips.

      I have a feeling that the solution to this problem is something simple, but in this case, RTFM has been less than fruitful.