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    How can I change the seize of space in an index sheet?


      Hi there,

      I am using ID CS6 on Windows 7.


      Issue 1:

      My index file has three vertical columns containing all names from the book. The look I am trying to establish is:


      Horn, Johnny             25

      Hornblower, Allistair    49


      The invisible sign between words and numbers is ">>".

      The names should be left-aligned and the page numbers right-aligned. If I set the whole text to "right-aligned" this will work BUT:

      ID keeps making lines breaks even though there's enough room. This would look like this:


      Hornblower, Allistair 


      The minimum space between words and numbers is obviously set too large.

      Where can I change this to prevent getting two lines instead of one?


      Issue 2:

      How I can I prevent ID to change the font everytime I update the index file?


      Thank you for your help.