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    Office 12 Patch?

      Anyone any idea if there will be a 5.0.3 patch for Word 12?

      OK - so I know Office 12 Beta 2 has only been out a wet weekend; however, the fact that we document software etc means that some of us will be working in environments where we develop for Office 12 users. And this means we have to have Office 12 installed - which doesn't work with RoboHelp X5. Circle vicious!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          I thought the final version of Office 12 was not scheduled to be released until early next year along with Vista. Provided that is the case, perhaps regardless of that, I would doubt that Adobe will patch X5. My guess is that the release of RoboHelp due next year is what will be compatible with Office 12.
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            donalmc Level 1
            You are correct re the commercial release date for Office 12; however presumably a lot of ISVs will have related software ready to launch at the same time - all of which will need to be documented. So there is a case to be made for support prior to the commercial release.

            In saying all that, commercial realities mean that support for Vista and Office 12 will probably be an X6 feature - which I understand - but we should not have to wait until those products are on the shelf as we need the support prior to that.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              I don't see how we can expect Adobe to release a patch to make RH X5 compatible with a beta release of Office 12. Why would they want to do that if their plan is to make the next version of RoboHelp the one that is compatible with Office 12? It maybe that they will make a beta of the next version of RH available to some people but that's for Adobe to comment on.

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                HKabaker Level 2
                This conversation allows me to offer a new piece of jargon for the lexicon of software development:

                Forward Compatibility!

                This is the notion that developers should make their applications compatible with any crazy OS modification that Microsoft is likely to release in the future.

                It's not copyrighted, so use it as you will. Credit will be appreciated.

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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I can see the advertising jargon now...

                  This application is forward compatible with all known future operating systems and applications. We popped into our time travel machine and tested with Zarcon Megalith 5.3 as well as the fabulous LifeCube® technology.

                  Aren't Friday's fun? (Well, even moreso when you are comfortably seated on your shady back deck with a nice breeze blowing)

                  Cheers all... Rick
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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                    Rick and Harvey.

                    You guys are just not showing enough vision. You limit your request to known systems and applications. Why?

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                      HKabaker Level 2

                      Now that would be ridiculous!

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                        donalmc Level 1
                        While I appreciate that my initial request might have seemed ridiculous to some, it was in fact superfluous as it transpires that you can do side by side installations of Offices 11 and 12 (excluding Outlook). Doh.

                        When installing select Customize instead of Upgrade.