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    Publishing WebHelp_Pro Projects

      I am looking for some help viz publishing WebHelp_Pro projects to RoboEngine.NET.

      As far as I can make out, it is only possible to publish multiple WebHelp_Pro projects as merged projects that share the same table of contents. However, I would really like to publish my projects so that they each retain their separate table of contents. This would allow me to give customers a separate web address for the Help for each product. Is it possible to do this?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Alan and welcome to our community

          I'm not sure about the .NET version of RoboEngine, but I think that the regular RoboEngine has a Configuration manager icon that you can use to configure settings for RoboEngine. IIRC, one of these settings controls the ability to merge the projects.

          Hope this helps a little... Rick
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            ABwrite Level 1

            Yes, you are right. Thanks to Greg Cone of Help Development Solutions, Inc. I learned about the "Automatically merge all projects" option in the RoboEngine.NET Configuration Manager. This needs to be unchecked so that the TOCs for each project do not get merged. I can then reference the Web address for each separate project that has been published on the server.

            Thanks for responding,