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    [captivate 3] random question slide doesn't work


      I'm noob in Captivate.
      I use Captivate demo (in french).

      I want to make a quizz for my students.
      So, I create a "question pool manager" with 1 pool project "reseau_locaux".
      This pool project have 13 questions.

      Then I click "slides" on the filmstrip, I add a "Random question slide" and I click on the "Question pool menu" to select my pool project "reseau_locaux"

      After generating project, I have only 1 question from my question pool project.

      I read the help guide but it's not help me.

      It gets me crazy...

      I hope you understand my english.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Anthony

          Basically you are doing everything right. I'm a bit unclear on what you were expecting to see. Perhaps it will help you if I explain how the Question Pools and Random Questions work.

          You define a pool of questions using the Question Pools Manager. You advise you have done that. So far so good.
          You then insert a Random Question Slide. When you insert one of these, you point the slide at a Question Pool. You advise that you have done that too.

          I'm guessing here that perhaps you expected that by inserting a single Random Question Slide you would end up presenting all 13 questions from the pool. Just in random order?

          If so, that's not how it was designed to work. What happens is that a single random question from the pool is presented. If you desire to see all 13 of your questions, but in random order, you need to insert 13 Random Question Slides and point them at your Question Pool.

          You may wonder at this point if you do this, will it would be possible to see perhaps question 2 multiple times. And the answer to that is no. Once a question has been presented, it is removed from consideration in the pool. So after the first one is presented, Captivate randomizes from what remains in the pool.

          Hopefully that helps better explain it.

          Cheers... Rick
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            tocri2 Level 1
            thanks for your advice.

            My mistake was to define only one random file.

            Now, with 13, it works better.

            Thanks very much.

            nb: thks for the links
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              Im having problems with my Capt 4 test.  I have 3 standard questions in the film strip and 63 random questions.  When the test gets to number so far 1-9 the answer boxes disappear.


              this is not relevant to any particular question.  My students state that the test kept going I havent had that problem.


              I publish it to the server and hyperlink from an Word html page to the server.  i dont understand why this is happening.


              Thanks in advance for your assistance.