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    Cannot Scale Layer - Pivot point far away - Stray point breaks scaling

    mRfung1 Level 1

      Hey guys,


      So I was able to more or less fix my issue: I couldn't scale a layer with the move/scale layer tool.


      When I tried it would just snap back to its original size as soon as I let go of the screen. When I would rotate or flip the layer horizontally/vertically I could tell the pivot point was far off somewheres unseen. I had to patiently and carefully erase all around that layers art with the pencil , even way off the art board, in hopes of getting whatever lost tiny wee invisible sliver of a stray line was causing this issue. Presumably it was  not scaling due to the layer's art appearing too large to the app to do so.


      FEATURE REQUEST: show/select content of a layer when in scale/move mode. Or some kind of way to show the content so we can see where a stray bit may be causing issues with scaling and we can delete them accordingly. It may be a little distracting or get in the way of precise scaling and moving if it shows up by default in scale/move. In any case, invisible or tiny or white stray bits causes scale issues making it impossible entirely


      Thanks. Love drawing in Draw btw. I wish I could get art back into it from desktop Illustrator.