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    Printing - paper size isn't compatible with the installed media



      I just purchased a high volume printer for on-sit printing at events, A DNP DS620A. This is a dye sub printer that I have loaded with media for 5x7 prints.


      I'm using OSX 10.11.5. Drivers and ICC profile are installed.


      I can print from preview in OSX, and from Photoshop CC 2015. However, when I attempt to print from the Print module in Lightroom CC, I get the error "The selected paper size isn't compatible with the installed media".


      I've set the paper size in Page Setup and Print Settings within LR, and have also tried creating a custom size. I've tried both horizontal and vertical orientation.


      I don't know of any other print size adjustments to change in LR; but something LR is sending isn't bieng accepted by the printer. The fact I can print from Photoshop indicates my issue is something set incorrectly in LR.


      Do you have any ideas/suggestions?


      Thanks for your help!