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    Build Tags remove topics but not images

      Hi there,

      I successfully generated a very small subset of a very large (700 topic) project using build tags. The actual Flashhelp generation looks fine and all the correct topics are generated based on the build tags, BUT when I look in the folder, instead of there being JUST the set of topics and images I selected, I have those I selected PLUS "ALL" of the images (.jpegs) from the entire project.

      I could not find even one word in the help that discussed what pieces of information were generated when you used build tags. It just states that the topic content is omitted [which it was], but not the images. So I ended up with a large folder size because of all these images. I tried to tag an image to see if that made a difference but it still ended up in the directory folder after I generated the topic.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
      Deborah Ridolfo