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    Images appear to lose contrast after I sharpen them


      Hi everyone,


      I just bought a Lightroom 6 Mac download from Amazon. Everything seems to be working fine except one thing: every time I make a sharpening change (ie amount or detail), my "library" version of the photo changes. It looks like the image loses contrast or something, and this contrast loss increases exponentially as I make more sharpening changes (move the cursor more to the right). If I make other changes (ie saturation, temperature, contrast), then the "library" image looks the same as the "develop" version. It's only when I make sharpening changes do I see these weird changes to my library version. I have Mountain Lion (OS 10.8.5), so Lightroom 6 is compatible. I just bought it yesterday so haven't made any changes to presets or anything. Any ideas as to what's happening? Thank you!


      -- Mitch