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    Align Keyframes to Markers


      Hi there


      I have a very basic question, Why After effects does not have a feature that allows to align keyframes to markers? Is it something really complicated?

      I use a lot of time remapping to sync graphics to the music beat (which I normally start by placing markers on a Null Object layer)

      I have then to move all the time remap keyframes manually to match the markers. Is there a way of doing this? I have looked for script but nothing seems to come anywhere near. Why is that?

      Thanks in advance for your help

      All the best



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hold down the shift key and drag. Keyframes will step to market position or vice versa. This is an AE basic in the help files.

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            Miguel_R Level 1

            Hi Kevin

            Many thanks for the reply but that is what i have been doing. What I meant was to align a series of keyframes to a series of markers in one go !

            Perhaps the following image shows it better

            I want to achieve this by NOT dragging each of the keyframes manually to line up with the marker above. Easy task for a few keyframes but tedious when you have a few dozen






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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There is no automated function to align animated keyframes to markers. I am not even sure that function is available through scripting.


              A better workflow may be to use the J and K keys to move between markers and then set the values for your keyframes. I use the J and K keys almost every time I do any kind of animation.


              For example if I use the * key  on the numeric keypad to set markers to the beat of music while previewing audio only I can then go back to the start of the audio track and press Ctrl/cmnd + t to set the first opacity keyframe then press the K key to jump to the next marker on the audio track and adjust the value for opacity. This gets everything in the right position the first time you touch it.

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                Miguel_R Level 1

                Yes, I have been looking for scripts but there is absolutely nothing. I wonder how complicated it is to do it.

                Anyway, thank you very much for your tips. Sounds like the best workflow for the time being. I also wonder if there is an AE wish list.


                Many thanks for your kind help



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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can file feature requests here. They go directly to the AE team at Adobe. The team are unlikely to respond unless they need more information, but your request will be logged into their system and onto the priority list. The more people who request a feature, the bigger the impact on end user workflow, how hard it is to implement by the AE team, and other factors will determine exactly where on that priority list it ends up, but it will be there.

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Unfortunately there's nothing in scripting that would allow you to line up keyframes with markers. You can write expressions that perform operations based on a marker or on the in point or out point of a layer.