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    S and T combine in English with Hebrew Language Support Version



      I am using Adobe Creative Cloud 2016 and the language is English with Hebrew support (תמיכה בעברית). I am having an issue where the letters S and T when they appear together latch on to each other like in the image below. (Note how when the s and t stand alone they are fine.) In the image below the fonts are Trubuchet MS and Times New Roman so it is not font specific.



      When I uninstalled the Hebrew language supported version of CC and installed the regular version the problem cleared, However, when I then reinstalled the English with Hebrew support the problem reappeared. I have found this issue both in Photoshop and InDesign. Initially, I had this problem in Captivate as well. After after I uninstalled Adobe CC with Hebrew support, I uninstalled Captivate and reinstalled it, but did so prior to reinstalling Adobe CC in English with Hebrew language support and now Captivate does not have this issue. Thus, I am pretty sure there is something in the Hebrew language supported version that is triggering this effect.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you!