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    Reader not launching


      Reader 16.1.1 fails to launch on older Nexus 7. It is possible though to use a file explorer, select file & open with Reader.

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi georgeb63676161 ,


          Yes, you can locate the file,tap the file>select Adobe Acrobat from the list.


          Let us know if you face any issue.


          Thank  You!


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            KhanMehwish Adobe Employee



            Are you still observing the issue with the latest Adobe Acrobat version? What is the Android version on your device?



            Adobe Acrobat Team

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              georgeb63676161 Level 1

              I have version 16.2 on tablet.


              I can now launch app though it was necessary to manually swipe through

              welcome screens in order to get to "Continue" button. From there I can open

              some pdf files. The files which can be opened are in the "Downloads" folder

              or a local "Documents" folder.


              Many of the files showing in the "Local" tab of the app's file browser were

              created using Google Cloud Print plug-in for Chrome & stored on Google

              Drive. These files cannot be opened due to being "not a valid PDF".

              Strangely, the "same" file stored locally in a "Documents" folder before

              being uploaded to Drive can be opened. That must be something with how Drive

              stores files. These files are located at

              "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.whichever app created file". These

              files should not show in list.


              So, yes I can first launch app then search for a file to open but it's

              easier to use a file browser for locating files & opening from there. If I

              could figure how to sort files within app maybe I could then search from

              built-in browser. I see no method for sorting "Local" files or hiding

              "Local" folders containing files which will not open.


              Of course by now I've become accustomed to everything in Android being not

              fully finished. I have 2 devices, a tablet & a phone; the tablet had 1 too

              many system updates pushed resulting in very poor performance. That has me

              soured on Android in general.