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    organizing presets?

    media kat Level 1

      All of my presets display in a long list. Is there a way to group presets or rank them or organize them so they are grouped based on usage, or something?



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          wobertc Adobe Community Professional

          Presets will sort  "Numerical/Alphabetical" 

          Global Presets can exist in Folders (that also sort numbers before letters)

          So you can have a folder for Basic Adjustments- call it "01 Basic"

          Another folder for Tone curve adjustments- call it "02 Tone Curves"

          Another folder for Calibrations- call it "03 Calibration"

          Then you should see something like-

          01 Basic

               Blacks +

               Exposure +1

               Exposure +2

               Whites -1

          02 Tone Curves

               021 Contrast low

               022 Contrast Med

               023 Contrast High

          03 Calibration




          Folders can be 'collapsed' which would the show in the Presets Panel as-

          01 Basic

          02 Tone Curves

          03 Calibration


          Even simply creating a folder called "ALL MY PRESETS" will place it sorted at the top of the presets list. ("A" alphabetically)

          And any presets you create- Place in this folder (and not the "User Presets" folder which is alphabetically near the bottom!)


          BRUSH Presets OTOH- cannot exist in sub-folders, so they can only exist in one long list. BUT again they will sort Numbers then letters, so  a Brush preset  001 will appear above one called AAA.


          And you can Re-name Presets; Right-Click.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            As wobert points out, you can use two levels of grouping at the file system level:

            1 - A single level of folders can be used as the first grouping, alphabetical

            2 - Alphabetical file names


            For example, my presets look like this at the moment:


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              media kat Level 1

              1. Are there any issues with having too many presets installed?

              2. If I need to transfer everything from one Mac to another, can I simply copy the folder and subfolders that I placed all of the presets to another Mac?



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                wobertc Adobe Community Professional

                1. No issues. Just more difficulty finding one when you want to use it, therefore the need to use a folder structure to simplify.

                2. Yes. Copy and paste the folder of Presets.


                Note: Presets can be found in two places if you have ever used the option to "Store Presets with Catalog"

                a) In a sub-folder of the Catalog location.

                b) In a sub-folder of the system folders-  eg. C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom