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    organizing presets?

    media kat Level 1

      All of my presets display in a long list. Is there a way to group presets or rank them or organize them so they are grouped based on usage, or something?



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Presets will sort  "Numerical/Alphabetical" 

          Global Presets can exist in Folders (that also sort numbers before letters)

          So you can have a folder for Basic Adjustments- call it "01 Basic"

          Another folder for Tone curve adjustments- call it "02 Tone Curves"

          Another folder for Calibrations- call it "03 Calibration"

          Then you should see something like-

          01 Basic

               Blacks +

               Exposure +1

               Exposure +2

               Whites -1

          02 Tone Curves

               021 Contrast low

               022 Contrast Med

               023 Contrast High

          03 Calibration




          Folders can be 'collapsed' which would the show in the Presets Panel as-

          01 Basic

          02 Tone Curves

          03 Calibration


          Even simply creating a folder called "ALL MY PRESETS" will place it sorted at the top of the presets list. ("A" alphabetically)

          And any presets you create- Place in this folder (and not the "User Presets" folder which is alphabetically near the bottom!)


          BRUSH Presets OTOH- cannot exist in sub-folders, so they can only exist in one long list. BUT again they will sort Numbers then letters, so  a Brush preset  001 will appear above one called AAA.


          And you can Re-name Presets; Right-Click.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            As wobert points out, you can use two levels of grouping at the file system level:

            1 - A single level of folders can be used as the first grouping, alphabetical

            2 - Alphabetical file names


            For example, my presets look like this at the moment:


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              media kat Level 1

              1. Are there any issues with having too many presets installed?

              2. If I need to transfer everything from one Mac to another, can I simply copy the folder and subfolders that I placed all of the presets to another Mac?



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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                1. No issues. Just more difficulty finding one when you want to use it, therefore the need to use a folder structure to simplify.

                2. Yes. Copy and paste the folder of Presets.


                Note: Presets can be found in two places if you have ever used the option to "Store Presets with Catalog"

                a) In a sub-folder of the Catalog location.

                b) In a sub-folder of the system folders-  eg. C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom

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                  On Mac, the folder for global presets is /Users/Your Name/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom


                  There are separate folders for at least eight kinds of presets. 


                  For Filter Presets, at least, if you have set "Store Presets with Catalog", it appears that presets in the Filter Presets subfolder do not show up in the filter menus, and folders in the Catalog location do not nest in the menus.  However, you can manipulate menu order by using leading characters (e.g. 'a -- Not Rejected', 'b -- Print Masters') in the filter names if you wish.