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    I have 2 databases I use for lightroom how do I identify objects I changed in one and not the other


      I use my laptop as my computer on travel. When I get home, I transfer my data to my main catalog on my desktop. Sometimes the files remain on my laptop and I have made changes to some of my files.


      I was attempting to identify objects through finder that I changed since I last added my laptop files to my desktop. My intention was to identify the XMP files that were changed since I added my laptop files to my desktop.


      In analyzing what I see in finder, I find the Lightroom data does not seem to make sense. For example, the first line in finder looks as follows

      File: _MG_1180.xmp

      Date Added: 5/5/16

      Date Created: 4/16/16

      Date Modified: 4/16/16


      1. I have been consistently adding to my catalog when I import from my SD cards into my laptop. I am expecting that my date added date should be the same as the Date Created date. Why is date added later than date created?

      2. In synching my 2 libraries, Can I simply move my xmp files from one to the other?