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    Scaling FLVPlayback

      Hey guys, I'm working on a YouTube type video player which you can view here:

      I need the fullscreen version (click the box at bottom right) to scale the video like it is but without scaling the controls(kinda like YouTube). I'm a fairly competent user (since Flash 4) so could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
        • 1. Scaling FLVPlayback
          I've done this and it can be a little tricky/ugly. The FLV playback component does not expose the skin in its API, so you have to kind of hack it. Here is how you can get a reference to the skin itself...


          Where player is a reference to your flvplayback instance. from there you can reference all the skin elements as you see them named in your skin file... for example playpause_mc, volumeBar_mc etc... So what I did is based on certain events, i would move and scale the skin elements as needed.

          Steve Krichten