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    Custom Button not "selected" after clicking it

      Hi all,

      I'm hoping you can help me with a head-scratching quandry. Thanks to the "skinny on skins" help file, I've been adding buttons (whee!). They all seem to work nice and dandy, but there's one of them that does something that requires it to remain in the "selected" state after pressing it. It's a button that opens a topic (and that it does), but I'd really like for it to stay "selected" so that it provides a visual cue as to where the learner is at.

      Right now, the default selected button, "Contents," stays selected even after clicking my custom button. Index and Search likewise behave properly and stay in the selected state, but then these three buttons are RoboHelp built-in buttons. Is there any way I can get my buttons to behave like this?

      Thanks in advance for any assistance
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi TinyTrim

          Unfortunately, I've never discovered a way to make this work. I think the reason that things are this way are because clicking each of the built in buttons causes a more or less semi-permanent effect on the area below the toolbar. The selected pane remains visible in the frameset. Additional custom buttons are really intended for a single action. So I think this may be why we can't choose a state for them to appear in.

          Probably something you should consider submitting an enhancement request for. You can do that by clicking this way cool and very handly little link right here!

          Cheers... Rick
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            TinyTrim Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            Thanks very much for the prompt and speedy reply!

            In a word: "crumbcakes"! That's too bad. My custom button is actually a workaround for something that I've already submitted a feature request for. My button is a "faux Glossary" and it looks like I was too smart for my own good! Solved one problem and now I have another

            Ah well, I'll submit another feature request (thanks kindly for the quick link) and hope for future releases.

            Thanks again, I appreciate it greatly!

            kindest regards,