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    Lightroom Previews only appearing a few at a time?

    aguenther12 Level 1

      In my Lightroom library all my image previews show up gray. When I then open up an image and start to develop it, it then does show up in the library and also my bottom preview bar. I'll develop about 3-4 images and they all show up, but as I move to the 4th or 5th the first one I developed then goes back to gray, and so on. It's like it only can handle showing previews for 3-4 images at a  time? I've of course tried uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. I have a 2015 MacBook AIr. Everything else goes normally but it it's an awful pain in workflow. Any help is appreciated!13315345_10153893144413423_3284886501497737483_n.jpg