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    Lightroom 6.5 crashing after GPU change


      I was having problems (slow response, out of focus secondary monitor, etc.) running Lightroom 6 (perpetual license) on my W10 (Spanish) 64 bit 8 GB desktop with an old AMD 5700 graphic card.  Reading the forums, I realize that the card did really not get along with Lightroom, so I decided to change it. 


      I bought and installed a Gigabyte Geforce Nvidia GTX960 (4 GB), deleted the old drivers, installed the new ones (from web site) and immediately started getting problems with LR, that would close every few minutes, when I moved the editing sliders or simply moving back and forth between two pics.


      I deleted LR, and re-installed it from scratch (6.5.1), updated all drivers, etc. to no avail, LR keeps on being too unstable to be of any use (GPU acceleration off).  Al other programs, including DXO, Premiere Elements, etc. are running OK.


      I suspect that there may be some remains of the old AMD drivers, or that LR still has information about these old drivers somewhere well hidden, and that this is interfering.

      Any ideas?