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    Edit PDFs in Bulk - search and replace

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      I have around 2000 PDFs and all groupd in around 100-200 files. We want to replace some words with new phrase. For eg: 'ABC XYZ DEF'  with 'ABC DEF'.

      And this I want to perform by search and replace in folders. Mean search string pattern in whole documents set in a folder and replace each of the existance/search result with the new string pattern.

      I know bulk search is possible in Acrobat  2015, I can search but not able to replace all.

      Any pointer to this issue will be helpful. Also let me know if its possible with DC, or is there a library of Acrobat that can help?



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          No, it's not possible with Acrobat. PDF files were not really meant to be edited in such a way.

          The closest you can get to it is to use the Redaction tool to overlay the new text on top of the old one, but this will not cause the text to "re-flow" so if the new text is not the same length as the old one the result might seem odd.