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    Input Dialog Box

      I'm having trouble simply making a script that allows the user to put in their name and having the movie say welcome "name". Any help with this would be great. Thanks.
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          If you have a text sprite on the stage and it is set to be editable, then you have an input text sprite. Anything that the user types into that sprite is available to you by referencing the text member's text property:
          put member("input text").text
          It's always best to name your members and then use that name to refer to it. It's simpler and more flexible than refering to member(3,4), for instance.
          Once you have that member's text property value, you can use it to create the text for any other text member.

          member("hello").text = "Hello " & member("input text").text

          will put "hello George" into the text of member "hello", for instance.

          Does that help?
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            James Newton, ACP Level 3
            You can find a set of scripts that allow you to create various dialog boxes using the MUI xtra here. One of the dialogs asks the user for text input.