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    Out of disk space on all overflow volumes. ( 26 :: 165 )


      I have After Effects CS2 (Just because it is free) and I made an audio visualiser to one of my songs. I set it to all the correct settings, added it to the render queue and pressed render. After five minutes a tab opened up saying: "After Effects error: render cannot continue - out of disk space on all over flow volumes. ( 26 :: 165 )". I wasn't too bothered with the error because I thought if I looked it up, the answer would just appear, like I do when an error pops up on another program. I couldn't find a solution. Everybody uses AE CS6 or CS5 and they all don't have the answers to my problem. Please help. It's either it is a general error or I am just plain stupid. Contact me as soon as possible.


      Thank you.


      - Cynder011