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    attachMovie Madness

    alecmce Level 1
      I've posted about this before but never got a good response. Here goes:

      Using attachMovie in an external .as file, I create a 'component' which inherits from MovieClip. Everything is fine, it works like clockwork. I export the swc component file, and import it into a test swf, where again the attachMovie-d object appears just fine. Then, I test that swf and the attachMovie object disappears.

      Why? Where'd it go? The object *must* be defined within the library for the component to access it at design time, so what happens at run-time to make this disappear? It's driving me absolutely mad, again, because the problem is so impenetrable that I don't know where to start. I normally just drag an 'exemplar' clip into the component, set it to invisible and use duplicateMovieClip as substitute, but I need to choose from about 50 movie clips in this case and that seems to be such a clumsy workaround.

      Any thoughts would be really gratefully appreciated.

      Alec McE