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    Lightroom import issues


      Hi guys!


      Been having trouble the past week or so with importing photos into Lightroom. I have a LOT of photos, roughly 10.5 thousand, and trying to import them in to Lightroom causes varying issues. The two major issues are this:


      1. I store all my photos in folders to organize them. While uploading, all the photo folders being imported are not only duplicated, but the photos inside the folders are duplicated twice. Any ideas there?


      2. I name all of my folders I store the photos in to help keep track of them. When a folder begins to upload into Lightroom, it deletes the name in the folder, which is a huge problem.


      As another minor point, sometimes the import gets stuck, but I figure that is just because of the sheer volume of photos I am importing, restarting it fixes it.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!