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    After Effects 13.7.1 crash when using network drives




        when I open a project on a network drive, After Effects crashes on Windows 10. I need to reopen it to succeed. The same behaviour happens when saving as...
      But the worse happens if I want to replace a file. I am able to replace a single file, but when I try to replace a second one I got that issue before, but it is now unworkable since the last update.


      I was able to replace my files only by saving after each replacement. After 4-5 saves, After Effects is stable!


      I tried to delete the folder appdata/roaming/adobe/aftereffects and to uncheck the read-only option on appdata/roaming/adobe. Both didn't solve the issue.

      I've also deactivated all my audio playing device (I have 6 digital display audio) except my speakers.


         Can someone help my on this one!?


      PC specs:

      Intel Core i5-4460 CPU@3.20Ghz

      RAM: 16Gb

      OS: Win 10 64bits



      Matthieu Turgeon