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    Adobe CC All Applications Say "Try" Instead of "Install"




      My subscription lapsed, I updated payment info, then I tried to launch photoshop.  Adobe Application Manager said that my subscription was inactive and to try again in 15 minutes.  I waited 24 hours, tried again, same issue.  If I go through the process a second time it says it was successful, then attempts to launch PS (or any other application - same result), then it launches adobe application manager with the same issue again.  I am stuck in a loop.


      So, following instructions on this forum, I tried:

      - Logging out and back in again

      - Checking for updates

      - Checking firewall settings

      - Running Adobe CC Cleaner

      - Cleaning Hosts File

      - Uninstalling everything and restarting

      - Reinstalling Adobe CC


      So, now I am left with Adobe CC saying "Try" next to all of my applications instead of "Install".


      I have tried logging out and back in again on Adobe CC.  My subscription to Adobe CC under my account on the adobe website says it is active.


      According to the "support" section here, the only way to get support is via these forums, which I find ridiculous for a piece of software that costs $600 a year.  No phone support at all?  Please help!