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    Render won't render at right resolution and "damages" project files

    Yuri Frost

      Ok so, I make intros for youtube and I've had this problem about 4 times now. And it's getting annoying

      When I render at 1920 x 1080 with loseless and best settings. For some reason it changes the resolution and uncenters everything, it turns to 1920x1066.

      On the preview where it's rendering. It shows it correctly and even in the preview it shows correctly.

      And then when I close it and restart my computer. It says "Cannot open untitled project.aep. Damaged or unknown format"

      Can someone help?


      Computer Specs


      Graphics Card: MSI 2GB Gaming Graphics Card

      CPU: Intel 4970k I7, 8 Cores

      RAM: 8GB


      Untitled Project.aep

      Cannot load. Damaged or unknown format