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    Glitchy audio and broken animation


      First of all, I am not familiar with all of this so I don't even know  if I'm at the right place, I searched for a while where to post so I'm posting here.


      I'm in a kind of hurry, my little brother with autism works on animations, but when he was exporting to a .AVI file, this happened: horrible adobe flash glitch - YouTube


      -Every sounds appear to be.. buzzing loudly?
      -The screen is split in 2 and swapped

      -The beginning is kind of swapped with the most recent part too


      My brother is actually deleting some stuff on his computer, he think that it could be a problem. The computer has no virus at all, we ran some scans. Reinstalling didn't work too, I tried some time ago and it appears he had the same problem in the past, but it was less frequent. Maybe the .mov will work? I don't know, it says we need QuickTime on the computer.


      I really need a solution to this, my little brother would kind of explode in frustration if nothing works