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    Default date field a specific day of week?




      I am almost done with a new hire packet, and our company's traditional first day are on Mondays and thus would like to auto-populate the "Start Date" field as the next Monday after... But of course I want it to be able to be changed to a different starting date (e.g. holidays, getting a head start on new hires for 2 weeks out, etc.).


      Example: If today was Tuesday, May 24, 2016, I want the default date to auto-populate 5/30/2016 (the next Monday)... But since our company actually closed in honor of Memorial Day (may our fallen heroes rest in peace), I want to be able to manually change it to 5/31/2016 (and yes, I'm doing this on my day off).


      Can someone do me a huge favor and post the code for me since I'm no expert on coding (the most relevant answer was just to look for "getDay()" and I have no clue where to go from there)? Thanks a lot!