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    Public List Of All Shared Collections/Images


      With the current improvements in sharing, especially being able to share individual images, LR online is quickly becoming a legitimate alternative to sites like Flickr, 500px, etc. for those who don't want or need the "social networking" aspect of these other sites. Combined with the better workflow of my editing app being linked with my online photo sharing service, I would love to get off of Flickr and use LR online exclusively.


      Unfortunately there's a gaping hole (at least I can't find a way around it - hopefully I'm wrong): there's no way to provide a public "user" link that lets people view all your shared collections and images.


      This is really important if you want to make the site a one-stop photo sharing service. Otherwise you're stuck providing one-off links to people via email. This has several drawbacks including:

      - A large catalog over several years and tens of shared collections in almost impossible for recipients to keep track of for each shared collection if they have to save the link for each one.

      - It discourages exploration and jumping from collection to collection.

      - It requires you to know all the people who you might want to view the photos beforehand - for some cases, that's okay, but for folks who don't mind sharing everything it's a pain.


      If there's nothing already available or planned for this area, I would propose that we be given a "user" page that lists all of our public collections and that each collection be given an additional option "show on user page" or similar. This would make the LR online server way more usable for people who want to use it as a turnkey photo sharing service.


      The question part of this post is this: did I miss something? Is there already a way to do this (or is one planned)?