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    Aqua highlights on text


      I'm runnning Indesign CC 2015 (up to date) on Windows 7. In the last few weeks this problem has suddenly appeared when working in Normal mode. (It doesn't show in Preview mode. But for my money I want to be free to use ALL the modes.)


      Whenever I start a document and create a text box, it defaults to the usual Minion Pro 12pt, but now a teal bar appears at the left side of the text box.

      If I continue to type, the bar continues to extend down the side with every line I add.


      If I mess with that text box in any way -  changing the size/alignment/colour/font - all the text becomes highlighted in bright aqua, in addition to showing the teal bar at the box edge.


      If I change the text back to 12pt black, the highlight disappears, but the side bar remains.


      None of this happens on the Macbook Pro; but I can't use the Mac for every project. And Indesign should work properly in Windows, regardless, right? I'm wondering if maybe it's because I'm running 7 and not 10. Maybe recent Indesign updates are not backward compatible, for all I know.


      Things I've tried, without success:


      Edit-Preferences: Interface, Type, Advanced Type, Composition, Track Changes

      View: Display performance, Extras, Structure, Story Editor