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    Converting text to graphic.. or imprinting text on background

      I can't figure out how to convert a text to a graphic.. but I remember that I was once able to create a text, then fill a background, then remove the text, leaving a cut-out of the letters of the text in the background. Then I could fill the colorless cut-out of text to another color, and there- I would have the text as a graphic.

      Can anyone explain how this is done?
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          You can make text into a graphic by clicking on the text field to highlight it, press F8 to convert to symbol, name it, choose graphic if that's what you want.

          To do a text cutout effect, hit Ctrl+F8 to create a new symbol, name it, choose graphic, hit "ok" (now you will be inside the new symbol), draw your background shape on layer 1 frame 1, type static text on top of it (same layer), place the text where it needs to be, hit Ctrl+b twice to convert the text to vector, you should be able to hit delete at this point to erase the text and leave a cutout. Before you hit delete, make sure only the text is highlighted and not the background shape.