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    Ooops! This document couldn't be opened


      I have been trying to set up an ebook from Overdrive for the past hour on my Kobo. I had the whole set up working yesterday, and I might add that I work in a library and help people on a daily basis with ebooks, ereaders and adobe digital editions adobe IDs etc. I love telling people how they can borrow eBooks from the library but always groan when they mention they have an ereader. Having to use ADE and a matching Adobe ID is one of the hardest, most error prone parts of the process for library patrons.


      Here's what I have tried: logging out of Adobe ID in ADE and Kobo, factory reset of kobo, uninstall and reinstall ADE, delete hidden adobe digital editions file on Kobo, deleted previous version of the downloaded file. And now I'm getting this error message,


      "Digital Editions could not connect to the fulfillments server. Please make sure you are connected to the internet."


      I'm at my absolute wits end with this!!


      ADE has to be the most buggy and error prone piece of software I have ever had the misfortune to use. Add to this that I can't seem to update to 4.5.1, but perhaps that is because I am on a Mac (I seem to be able to have downloaded this previously, but I'm not sure if I am getting it mixed up with my Windows PC at work). Judging by the amount of frequent and very similar error reports here, I think I can fairly and safely say something is majorly wrong with the software.


      Here's an idea Adobe, feel free to use it. Perhaps build into ADE the ability to synchronise adobe id between ADE and an ereader with one button push in ADE, and or when the error message pops up that the ID doesn't match, please tell us who you think it matches to, eg, "Ooops! This document couldn't be opened because it is associated with xyz@email.com" also place a menu option to update ADE. Or better yet you can do nothing and just wait until Overdrive develops the functionality to download straight to the device and sidesteps the horror that is ADE, and slowly become more and more obsolete.