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    Overdrive will not transfer books to ADE on Windows 10


      I have set up a new computer with Windows 10 after my old Windows 7 system died. I reinstalled Overdrive and ADE 4.5 from my library just as before, using the same Authorizations. While books will transfer from the library to Overdrive, ADE does not automatically open as it should and borrowed books do not show up there so I cannot transfer them to my Kobo.


      As far as I can tell the problem is likely that while ADE is set as the default app for .epub files, Overdrive is set as the default app for .acsm files. However Windows 10 will not give me the option to set ADE as the default app for these types of files.


      How can I solve this? I have spent hours on this problem, reinstalled both Overdrive and ADE multiple times, verified (again, multiple times) that Overdrive and ADE are using the same authorization email and password.