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    URL Link in Timeline


      Hello Community,


      my problem is so easy that I could not even find a question in the forum.


      I simple want an URL-Link in my Timeline.


      But first information (oh no, not that again), I am not a coder:

      In fact I want a Logoanimation wich I composed in After-Effects as an Intro for a web-page.

      At the end of the video I want to put a Link to the Main-Site.


      OK how do I do that?!


      I thought it was the easiest way to use edge. I placed the mp4 inside the canvas and

      put a trigger on the timeline. It worked well, as long as I don't use the "oam" inside

      my Muse project. It played the video but not the trigger.


      OK, then I tried animate CC. Put 100jpgs inside a timeline and put at the end

      of the timeline the following code-snippet:

      window.open("http://www.myadress.com", "_blank");


      No result. I now it is a very simple question but I can't find an answer. Maybe I asked

      the internet in a to complicated way!


      The best working way for me is to get the "Edge-oam" work. For my future purpose

      it would be great if anybody has an answer for this problem.


      Flash CC is also good, but I am not so familiar with the software.


      At the end I want to place an OAM-File inside Muse to have everything in place.


      Any solution outside?


      I would appreciate it. Many THX in advance.


      Oliver from germany