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    Programmatically setting CameraRaw's Workflow options

    maxwyss Level 4

      In our automatization project, we must make sure that the settings of the CameraRaw plug-in are correct. Operating System is OSX 10.10, Photoshop version the most current CC 2015. The automatization happens with a combination of Applescript and JavaScript, if needed shell scripts.


      The settings I am referring to are accessed via the "link" below the image when it is opened in the plug-in. When clicked, the "Workflow options" dialog opens. The settings in this dialog must be forcibly set.


      Unless it is possible to set the Workflow options via shell script (copy a preferences file at the "right place", I only can see to access that dialog via System Events. However the (normally very reliable) UI Browser does not reveal an active element at the place of that "link" in the CameraRaw window (the buttons and several text fields are shown). Am I missing something here?


      The Camera Raw plug-in does also not have menu items (except the View menu). So, no access via Menu commands.


      I am stuck…


      Any helpful comment is highly appreciated.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To me, what you seem to be requesting is very obscure. Those workflow options, once set, should remain constant. Are you saying that you need different workflow options for different projects? If that is the case, then perhaps you need to consider creating some presets that meet your different project needs. I'll admit that I have probably not understood what it is you are asking for. Perhaps if you could explain in a little more detail, someone should provide some useful suggestions.

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            maxwyss Level 4

            Sorry about the delay… things got a little bit hectic…


            It is a big advantage of those workflow options to remain until changed. This is also their main disadvantage.


            The automatization solution we are working on can be used on a regular workstation (as opposed to a server), and in this case, we can not exclude that the user does something behind the system's back, such as loading another workflow option. That's the reason for the requirement to set the proper options at the beginning of an automated workflow.


            Explained a little bit more in detail. For the automatization, we must, for example, make sure that the images are passed to Photoshop as ProPhoto RGB with 16 bit depth. Of course, we can create a preset for this. However, how can we set that preset programmatically?


            And that's where I am stuck…


            Thanks again for any comments.