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    WebHelp Pro Project with RoboDemo Movie?

      I inherited a project for which no source exists, just the resulting output files after generation. Also, there are flash movies in this project. I've tried to build this as a WebHelp Pro (we're using RoboEngine) or a FlashHelp project. When deployed to the server as a WebHelp Pro project, it works well except for the Flash portions.

      I get a "This contains insecure content" message and no Flash content shows. The strange thing is that when I preview the project through RoboHelp Office, it works flawlessly.

      Therefore, I have two questions:
      1.) Is there a way that I can find out which type of project created the resulting output?
      2.) Why would the Flash movies show up in the preview but not when deployed?

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          To answer your first question, most WYSIWYG editors add information in the source code that identifies what created it. RoboHelp x5's code looks like this in the head of the .htm files:

          <meta name="generator" content="RoboHelp by eHelp Corporation www.ehelp.com">

          For question two, when you preview it, it is being ran locally. Your computer knows to trust itself. When it is deployed, people connect remotely, so IE takes some precautions to prevent potentially malicious code from being ran. You should find the explanation as to why and a possible workaround in this Dev article: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/activecontent/articles/devletter.html
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            rbarter Level 1
            Thank you for the reply and your pointer to that documentation.

            I found that I had a RoboHelp WebHelp Pro project. This is the only type of project that requires RoboEngine to run.

            As for my second question, the security prompt had nothing to do with it. It was a red herring. The actual problem was that I didn't included *.swf as a file type to exclude in my iisproxy.ini file. Therefore, IIS was forwarding requests for the .swf on to the application server. After adding *.swf to the WLExcludePathOrMimeType section of the iisproxy.dll, it displayed the movie.

            However, the movie seems to be looping continuously on the same section of help; not looping through all the help sections. I've looked at the pararmeters for the Shockwave file and looping is being set to FALSE. What are possible causes of this behaviour?

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi rvb

              Umm, why did you mark the answer? Sounds like you still have questions.

              Is this a RoboDemo movie or a Captivate movie? While I'm not overly familiar with the in's and out's of RoboDemo, I am with Captivate. I know a Captivate movie can be configured to loop, so am wondering if this may be the case.

              Cheers... Rick
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                rbarter Level 1
                I marked it as the answer because I'm goofy and wanted to see what it would do. It mostly answered my original questions. I don't see a way to un-answer it.

                This is actually a RoboDemo movie. I've seen in the html where it is passing the looping parameter as false. It's weird. When I preview it or view the generated stuff, it works fine. But, when I publish it and then view it via the web it seems like it starts the movie, goes for a few seconds, and then restarts it. It does this over and over.

                Any guidance is appreciated.