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    I need an advice for my guide/directory app ?


      "Forgive me if my question doesn't seem clear"

      Hello Dear Community of Adobe,

      I want to create an app where it gathers all the best restaurants, bars, night clubs of my hometown. It seems PhoneGap may be an interesting and easy solution for generating a multi-platform mobile application. However it is obvious that I may have to manage an enormous amount of data like html files, images, plugins, scripts ...

      I am expecting to include in my future app more than a hundred places.

      - Like a web hybrid app, I wanted to make it online (through a CMS and using a mobile based framework like Jquery mobile) and use webview, but I heard it is not compatible with IOS

      - Maybe should I do it offline by including all the necessary files inside the "www" folder, in that case I may be wrong but I think it will be extremly painful to make some updates efficiently.

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          shotts@adobe Adobe Employee

          Quick thoughts:


          1) Avoid jQuery Mobile. It will cause more trouble than its worth. Look at Ionic, Framework7, and similar frameworks instead. Given your mention of jQuery Mobile, Framework7 may prove to be the most comfortable for you.


          2) What CMS were you thinking of using? Wordpress has an API you can interface with. Your app would consist of local code that produces the UI, and then uses XMLHttpRequest to connect to your CMS and then pulls down the data. Be sure to introduce some sort of caching mechanism so your app can function offline as well.

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            Have you considered Ionic framework? We have used both JQuery Mobile, as well as Ionic and happy with Ionic. Ionic is on Angular, so if you know Angular JS, it would be helpful.

            If you really need to dig deep, then you would need to go native on iOS and Android for anything that is not available out of the box. We built plugins in the past, and got everything work that is possible in native.


            Ghazenfer Mansoor

            Technology Rivers

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              layegning Level 1

              Thank You for your answer, I am really interested in the Wordpress API, I was trying to go through the documentation, but it was confusing. Is there a link that you could recommend in order to get started.