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    iMac crashes when rendering Adobe content

    Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      Just a quick question to see if anyone has any out-of-the-ordinary suggestions for an issue I have.


      Of the numerous machines I work with, one is an iMac (late 2013) 27"

      3.5Ghz Quad Core Intel i7

      32GB RAM (OWC third party)

      1TB SSD (Apple factory-supplied)

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096MB


      With any substantial render, either in the AE Render Queue or AME, the system repeatedly (almost always) hangs and reboots a few moments after the render completes.  Very occasionally the hang will occur during a render, but almost always it's upon completion.  I have occasionally seen the same issue occur when rendering a PPro project from AME, but never directly from PPro.


      I am running the very latest OS X El Capitan, and all Adobe apps are fully up to date (although this has been occurring for over 12 months, so isn't a new thing, or version specific).


      Running identical software on other machines, and using exactly the same AE projects, I have no problems.  This past weekend I did a complete clean install of the machine, with just the bare software essentials installed, and the problem is still there.  I'm certain this is a hardware issue with the iMac.


      My gut feeling is that this is either a display card or RAM issue.  Perhaps some process at the end of the render that purges the RAM causes it?  I'm just supposing, of course.


      I'd be interested in any educated opinions about the issue before I drag the box off to a repair shop.