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    date chooser calander

      I am attempting to make a calander/organiser that can have notes added to dates and displays them in a textbox when each date is selected. I am using the date chooser ui and have found no tutorials that can help. It will be used on one machine with one username so i can use local storage and be compiled as a standalone. If anyone can help or has a tutorial that they know of it would be much appreciated.
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          NSurveyor Level 2
          This is a very simple example. Just have a dynamic textfield, with instance name, tit_txt, an input textfield with instance name my_txt, and a date chooser component with instanc e name my_dc. Then, place the attached code on frame 1. You could probably make this better if you put a clear button, which would simply run my_so.clear(); Also, loop through my_so and populate a list with the dates, and then make it so you can click on a date in the list to go to the date.
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            magera Level 1
            thanks, i am surprised that i could not find any tutorials on this, thank goodness for forums. Also i am not sure what you mean by "loop through my_so and populate a list with the dates" I am assuming it means link the two components (date chooser and list) I am not sure how to do this either. Is there anything that can help me learn about local storage etc. as i am also trying to add an address book function into the same flash file ( i have already tried the colin mook tutorial but it has not been updated for newer releases and does not help.)